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  • Christelle Olivia Zitu

You are not alone in this

Don't you ever wanted to start something and, you kept delaying it because it wasn't just the great timing? Raise your hand, sister, if you feel me. The great thing about that is knowing you can always start no matter what stage of your life you find yourself in.

For most of us, 2020 was a complicated year. Nevertheless, there are tremendous lessons we took with us. A deep voice in me wanted to start this new platform where women get to love themselves first. Especially if you are a female entrepreneur, we tend to be hard on ourselves and, we forget to give ourselves the time to discover our true selves. To me, it all starts by finding your identity. I hope to see women of all ages glow and arise. Start from where you are to become a better friend, sister, mother.

Understand this is a never-ending process. Sometimes that process means sharing your individual story that might have an impact on somebody else's life. It can be a great reminder that we are never alone in what we are feeling, hoping, wishing in our society. Please don't let a day pass. Each day, each step counts in the process to find you. May you fill 2021 with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings!

Lovies Christelle Olivia Zitu

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